MEADOWS REALTY & CONSTRUCTION CO., LLC - Your Home Sold Fast! - Dundee, FL
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MRC designed Program for owners who are eager to sell their property. 

The program is not for most real estate owners.  

MRC has it’s Seller/Buyer Agent Program for most owners who pay a commission of 1.5%.

Call Waymon for details 

MRC Plan to sell your home fast;
Must purchase a home warranty:
Must have your home inspected:
Must have a third-party appraisal:
Must Staging your housse:
Not necessary but helpful: Drone video help sell your home:
Can Realtor buy my home: 
Marketing your home:

Why I will sell your home faster than other homes in your neighborhood:

Come make an offer on this immaculate house. You will receive a FREE warranty, a FREE certified inspection, a FREE certified appraisal. Also, the amities include:   

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