What has happened to the Town of Dundee since I was mayor?
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What has happened to the Town of Dundee since I was mayor?

Ryan, I am sending you this information that may be of help.  Please notice that Eagle Lake is using Polk County Fire Department.  Perhaps you need to look at the cost.  Not that I am suggesting that we want to use the County Fire Department; however, it would probably help everyone know that we are looking at all departments and that the cost must be competitive or we will be forced to change...
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 Waymon:  What I said about Eagle Lake is what we have publicly done.  The point is not that it can be duplicated somewhere else, but the people in the government, be they elected or appointed, need to try to stretch the dollars, understanding that everyone is not made of money.  The Polk County Fire Department serves Eagle Lake.   I will think on it further and write more tomorrow.  Pete?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" / From: BigW1937@aol.com [mailto:BigW1937@aol.com]
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Subject: Is this ok to publish? Pete I know you might think Dundee is ok but we have been suffering since you left with control by some people who will do anything to get and keep elected but things have changed some what, I hope, with the defeat of the last election; however, the new elected folks need a strong hand to correct things.  They continue to spend money they do not have and we are in great debt.  Unless the economy changes I am fearful we will continue down financially.We can change things drastically if we adopt a Vision Plan and move forward.I do need more help from you. To look at Dundee's financial condition and let me know if I am off base. I hope I am but we continue to spend money we do not have and I wonder if we can pay for it?We have constructed a new library, a new town hall, and I have found out that plans are in the works to purchase new fire fighting truck that will cost lots of money.  We have no police department because there was a fight with our former Chief and the old council brought in the county to replace it. Will the Dundee Fire Department become the Polk County Fire Department?I know you are busy but if you have time please let me know if this is possible? Is this ok to publish?What has happened to the Town of Dundee since I was mayor?By Waymon Meadows Dundee Watchdog MGR I ask for help from people who has seen the town, I love, being led down the abyss of financial ruin.  It is my opinion that unless we change directions and start living within our means we may no longer have a city; Bankruptcy, “no way” some say but it has happened before and we are suffering from the symptoms that led other to fall off the cliff.   It will take a manager who will take it on the chin and cut expenses.  He can start with cutting legal fees of $ 90,000 to $ 30,000.  It will take a Mayor and Council to demand cutting the budget immediately and taxes reduced in 2014 budget. [I understand that we may get back $ 20k] If that happens the budget will be reduced to $ 60k and with new implement policy it could be cut by an other 25% or more?It may take the citizens to walk door to door and have voters demand that this happen now! [I am encouraged by what is happening]Some tell me that I just do not understand that things are ok, but if they are ok why has our tax rate gone from $ 4.41 to almost $ 9.00; with this trend how much more will it increase.  State law stops taxes at $ 10.00. Here is an excerpt of an example of a city going bankrupt: (Read the full story on the internet)Jefferson County is the most populous county in the U.S. state of Alabama. Its county seat is Birmingham. As of the 2010 census, the population of Jefferson County was 658,466. Jefferson County is the principal and most populous county in the Birmingham metropolitan area.Sewer construction and bond swap controversy[edit source | editbeta]Two extremely controversial undertakings in the 2000s left the county in extreme debt, eventually leading to a 2011 bankruptcy. First was a massive overhaul of the county-owned sewer system, and second was a series of risky bond-swap agreements. Both have been scrutinized by federal prosecutors, with several former county officials convicted of bribery and corruption.Here is information from Pete Gardner that may be helpful::Waymon:  The tax rate when you and I were in there was about $4.41, and it was on a downhill trajectory.  Started off at about 4.65, went up to about 4.80 and was on a downward trajectory and about 4.41 when I left in 1997. We had the East Central Park Coalition where we saved $25,000 per year to purchase the land east of Dundee for the Park.  We gave the funds to the County, which then went out and bought the land for the park. We were the only city willing to put up money for the park. We gave money to the County since they had more resources to develop the park than Dundee did, and that spot of land just east of Dundee could be purchased for the $100,000  - 20 acres at $5000/acre.     What I am doing in E L is trying to address needs of the community and not let problems get ignored for 20 years.  Most importantly - Everything we do, I want someone else to pay for with grant money if possible. . The three projects were going to accomplish next year are financed as follows:    Green Acres Water interconnect:  $350,000 paid 100% from a grant from Polk County CDBG     Bingham Drainage Cost: $625,000 SWFMD is contributing $240,000 toward project, and we have been saving in a separate account our storm water and transportation funds for 2 years, and will dedicate those funds to the Bingham project for 2 years in future    Lift Station Project     4 years in the making    $1.25 million         Grant from FDEP of $227,000; grant from USDA of 196,000; Sewer Impact Fee money of $200,000;  Saving sewer charges in a separate fund for 4 years total $150,000; USDA loan of $420,000 with payments of $17,000 per year.!.  Focus on NEEDS of Community, not just nice projects2 Identify funding sources for grants/loans3 Look upon project as multi year, and identify strategy for putting money aside toward the project4 beg for as much grant funds as possible

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