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Is The Press Irrelevant?

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Waymon Meadows on Thursday, August 22, 2013 6:54 AM
Is The Press Irrelevant? By Waymon Meadows Dundee Watchdog LLC MGR The "fourth branch" of government suggests that the Press is not independent of government.” It only reports government agendas. O’Reilly is not “Looking out for you” he is looking out for self; he sells books, debates the left, and becomes more powerful daily by dividing the nation: The left against the right. He blames Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson of being racist. This is good for O’Reilly and Fox news. Al and Jessie got rich shouting “racism” at every opportunity to make more money and gain power. The media is a circus entertaining the left and the right 24/7… Almost all media today are part of the fourth branch of government, but this can change…The Press can do it if they will return to their roots and become the “Fourth Estate” of government. The Lakeland Ledger and New York Times are part of the fourth branch of government. The reporters are talented; they write good articles but do not function as the “Fourth Estate” of government anymore. They only report, and might I commend them, for doing a great job in reporting the facts of meetings in Polk County, Florida and Dundee. Oh how I wished they were not the “fourth branch” of Government” but the “Fourth Estate” of government. If this were the case they could change things quickly. If they questioned the cost of politician spending; reduction in taxes, and living within their means things would change. Bob Woodward was functioned as the fourth estate of government when he exposed the corruption of President Nixon. On the other side of the coin is the “Fourth Estate” or “Watchdogs” of government; they are the only press that is really “Looking out for you.” They question every penny a town is spending. They investigate, protect and guard against inefficiency in government. They uncover citizens or employees with their own agenda and publish true facts. They utilize Attorney Generals in defining laws; in helping prosecute criminals in government. They are concerned with social, political and economic conditions in their towns. They stress objectivity, neutrality, fairness, impartiality in communities. They look for and uncover fraud, overspending, and bring to citizens facts that force change. They watch town managers, town employees, town mayors, and town councils. They foster common sense to avoid excessive fees in towns. They watch all professionals (lawyers, planners, engineers, etc.) working for government to help control spending. They work 24/7 because they love their towns and realize that one person can make a difference and change a nation one small town at a time. A great politician and businessman said, “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” It’s all about money… Is the press irrelevant? No. It is the only means to change a town and nation. We are blessed with the Internet. Every citizen can obtain a website for only $ 20 per month or become part of a FREE Watchdog committee and become a member of the “Fourth Estate.” Yes, you can become a “Watchdog.” You can attend meetings, read new papers, in your town and start reporting the facts that will never be known and make great changes in your community. We can no longer rely on the “fourth branch” of government but we must be a part of a “Fourth Estate” of government to help make needed changes. This is hard work and you will not be paid one penny but if you truly love your town the rewards will be great because you will make a difference. Join a Fourth Estate of government (Dundee Watchdog). call 863-287-5981.
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