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My Goals Are: CustomerSatisfaction; Quality Work, Fair Price, and excellent Warranties at no additional cost; Five year workmanship on Roofing jobs, and 25/50 year warranties on roofing materials.  I have a great Referral Program $ 100.00 when a person signs  a contract and the job is completed./final inspection. See my website for details on my gift card program. 
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This is what we do:

  1. Remove all existing shingles; haul away all debris torn off of the roof.
  2. Install new synthetic or peel & stick -extra cost, (IRXE Polyglass) underlayment. 
  3. Replace UP TO (2) ½ damaged plywood FREE.  EXTRAS COST
                  $ 15 plus materials.  
  1. Remove all drip edge metal; install new 2” white metal drip edge; valley metal.
  2. Provide customer with afive (5)year workmanship, a Wind Warranty for three  (3)years..manufacturer 25-50 YEAR warranty on the shingles from date of purchase. The warranty does not cover hail damage/fire/acts of God/hurricane wind/service by others and pressure washing roofing materials or others covered by home owners insurance.
  3. Install new led boots on vent pipes 1 1/2”, 2”, 3”,Seal around, pipes and flashing…
  4. 6 nails in each shingle for 130 miles per hour winds.
  5. We re-nail all plywood with 2 3/8 decking coil nails; 1 ¼ coil nail for shingles; 1” simplex underlayment; 16” new valley 26Ga metal; 6 in eve drip white; 4/5 flashing 26ga; Sunniland plastic cement; off ridge painted vents; Tamko starter shingles.
  6. Workers are covered by Workman Comp or a State Exemption Certificate.

WE Pay for a permit; your roof is inspected twice (while in progress and a final inspection) by city or county. * Agent for Nutech Roofing & Construction, Inc. Fl. Lic. CCC1330266

(863) 287-5981
404 Ridgewood Ave., Dundee, Florida 33838 Fax: 863- 439-1143

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