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The Town of Dundee has submitted a grant application for a Scenic Highway Park-to-Park Connector to connect the existing downtown street network to the Community Center and Lake Marie Park, East Central Park, and Dundee Ridge Middle School. The Scenic Highway Park-to-Park Connector will construct a portion of the proposed Ridge Scenic Highway Trail.
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                                            Joint Venture  

       The Villa Apartments at Lake Marie, Dundee, Florida

The Villa Apartments at Lake Marie

Conceptual Development for Lake Marie Apartments

Magnificent Apartment View

Come home where you will have a magnificent obsession living at The Villas at Lake Marie Apartments!  You will enjoy its beautiful views; Lake Marie bike & Walking path, County Recreational Complex around the corner, Lake Menzie exercise path and gigantic Oak trees… You will appreciate open space in front of The Villas at Lake Marie owned by The Town of Dundee never to developed to obstruct your  view; thirty minutes from Disney World…and one hour from Orlando International Airport…Come home to The Town of Dundee a quit, secure community where friendly folk love the good life…

Financial Investor: I Need A Partner to invest 5.5 Million Dollars to invest in The Villas at Lake Marie.  An Orlando Bedroom Community.

The apartments are estimated  to sell for:

The 2 bedroom 1 bath Apartment estimate cost is $ 98,558.00

The 2 bedroom 2 bath Apartment estimate cost $ 101,968.00

 The Villa Apartments at Lake Marie Sits High on the Ridge Overlooking Beautiful Lake Marie

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Concept # 2 High Rise

Meadows high-rise is a twelve story mix-use high-rise building located in Dundee, Florida.  It is designed and developed by Waymon Ellis Meadows. Seeking Investor to finance the Joint-Venture project.The building will serves as Assisted Living Facility overlooking beautiful Lake Marie.  It is located between Disney World and Lego land. It is a bedroom community of Orlando, Florida  

Based on the cost analysis the estimate is $ 5,500,704 for 56 Apartments.
The 2 bedroom 1 bath Apartment cost is $ 98,558.00
The 2 bedroom 2 bath Apartment cost is $ 101,968.00
Per unit land development cost estimated at $ 10,000=$ 560,000.00
The Value when the property is developed per unit sale price $ 30,000
Sales price when road, water, sewer, lift station completed $ 1,680,000.00
If a high-rise is built with 112 units value of development $ 3,360,000.00
The high-rise will be 12 to 15 stories
If four story apartments are built on the property there will be 112 units.
Plan J 891-6 x 2 Width 157.34' Depth 39.6"
Plan J 778-8 x 2 Width 211.34' Depth 33'6" 

Dave Holding Engineering 

After doing some more research it looks like the construction cost for this project would be around $9,310.00 per unit for a total cost of $521,360.00 this includes the lift station but does not include landscaping, cable, power, gas, phone service, or any off site utilities. [Cost for buildings are not included.]

The engineering would cost around $22,000.00 to $26,000.00 based on the existing plan and no off-site improvements.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, David Holden Manager Quigg Engineering, Inc. Engineers of Central Florida 6150 S. Florida Avenue, Suite 200 Lakeland, FL 33813 863-422-5517 863-422-7299 Fax 

Investors call Waymon 
863 287 5981

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