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Meadows Realty and Construction Co., LLC
Waymon (W) Ellis Meadows (Owner/Manager)
404 Ridgewood Avenue
Dundee, Fl. 33838
863 287 5981

Re: Joint Venture  

W needs investors to finance The villas at Lake Marie, Dundee, Florida

The land value is $ 429,000 if we build 56 units or $ 858,000 with 112 units.    
W owns the property free and clear of any mortgages. Estimate of 5.5M is needed for the project.

 W visited with the city planner and she feel He may be able to get 112 units on the property; however, it will take about an extra year to get this approved. The 56 units are approved. We may want to proceed with the 56 units and try for the additional units in the future.

His engineering firm is not sure how many units we can get due to parking requirements; however, if we build an assistant living facility parking will be no problem if we constructed 300 units.

W has been a certified builder in Florida for over 40 years. He is a Real Estate Broker

W has built several communities, commercial buildings, apartment complex, and hundreds of single family homes; as many as one hundred homes at one time.

W will supervise and hire engineering firm for this project.  Supervise the installation of infrastructure: road, sewer, water… He  will meet with city planner, town council, and all government officials to get the project approved.

$ 100K is the minimum investment on this project.

See Lake Marie Development for details and call 863-387 5981



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